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The Organ Historical Society publishes books, a quarterly journal, an annual study of organs by locale, and also produces sound recordings on CD. Upon creation of the Society in 1956, publication of the quarterly journal began, with the annual study of organs by locale beginning shortly thereafter in connection with the Society's annual convention. The first book was published in 1984.

Johnson Organs
OHS Philadelphia 2016 Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Anthology, edited by Rollin Smith
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The Philadelphia Hymnbook
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Pipe Organs of the Rich and Famous
The Auditorium Organ by David Pickering
Peter Williams: The King of Instruments
English Cathedral Music in New York: Edward Hodges of Trinity Church
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Clarence Eddy: Dean of American Organists
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E.M & Aeolian Skinner Opus List
Hook Opus List
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The Los Angeles Art Organ Company by James Lewis
OHS Press Bundle
Flentrop Orgelbouw 75 years
Mr. Searles & the Organ
Two Essays on Organ Design
Organs in Mexico
A Tribute to André Marchal
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The Newberry Memorial Organ at Yale University
The Organ Industry Takeover:  A Scheme to Monopolize American Organbuilding
Stephen L. Pinel: Organbuilding Along the Erie and Chenango Canals
John R. Watson: Artifacts in Use
The Old Organist by Henry Jones
Music on the Green by Barbara Owen
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Organs in the Land of Sunshine by James Lewis
Schoenstein & Co. Organs by Orpha Ochse
Wanted: One Crate of Lions by Charles W. McManis
The OHS Book of Organ Poems
Music and Its Questions<BR>Essays in Honor of Peter Williams<BR><BR>Edited by Thomas Donahue
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The Brebos Organs of El Escorial<br>by James Wyly and Susan Tattershall
Essays in Honor of Barbara Owen: Litterae Organi
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Austin Organs by Orpha Ochse
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The Tracker, Journal of the Organ Historical Society
OHS Organ HandbooksMurray M. Harris and Organ Building in Los Angeles, 1894-1913
Organists' Journal and Review 1874-77, Edited by Eugene Thayer
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Ogasapian: Church Organs -- A Guide to Selection
Hilborne and Frank Roosevelt
Barbara Owen: The Great Organ at Methuen
The Aeolian Pipe-Organ and Its Music