7 Organs

7 Organs
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Product Description

Seven historical organs in Sweden played by Naoko Imai

Japanese organbuilder Munetaka Yokota, who now works with Go-Art in Sweden, selected seven of Sweden’s oldest and most interesting organs for this survey CD. In the summer of 2003, he led a team of five to make this CD while touring the organs. Organist Naoko Imai plays idiomatic works (listed at www.ohscatalog.org) to demonstrate these beautiful instruments, five of which are comprised of one manual and two are comprised of two manuals (some have Pedal).They were built by immigrant organbuilders from the Hamburg area, or by their apprentice/successors. The nice package contains notes on the cultural and organbuilding history as well as photos and stoplists.

Skokloster (Built 1667 by Joachim Richborn, Hamburg)
S. Scheidt
Cantino Belgica: Weh windgen weh with 12 variations

Morlanda (Built 1604, probably by Hans Brebos, Copenhagen; Newly built 1704 by Elias Wittig, Göteborg, with reused parts from 1604)
S. Scheidt
Fantasia super Io son ferito lasso
H. Scheidemann
Galliarda ex D
2. Variatio

Tjällmo (Built 1710 by Isac Risberg)
J. Krieger
Ricercar in e

Leufsta Bruk (Built 1726-28 by Johan Niclas Cahman, Stockholm)
J. S. Bach
Praeludium et Fuga in d
W. Fr. Bach
Fuga in g

Jonsered (Built 1783 by Pehr Schörlin, Linköping)
W. Fr. Bach
Fuga in c
W. A. Mozart
Andante in F

Yttergran (Built 1776 by Jonas Ekengren, Stockholm)
J. G. Krebs
Praeambulum supra Jesu, meine Freude
Choral: Jesu, meine Freude
Choral alio modo

Börstil (Built 1783 by Olof Schwan, Stockholm)
J. G. Krebs
Praeambulum supra: Christ lag in Todesbanden
Choral: Christ lag in Todesbanden
Choral alio modo
Meinen Jesum laß ich nicht