Materials for Church Organ Committees

Organ Committee Materials
These materials are for those who must make decisions regarding organ selection, repair, rebuilding, and fund raising, especially for worship spaces and institutions. Informational and motivational, these items equip a committee with solid help in making a good decision. Also, several items are helpful in the design of new or remodelling of existing worship space.

Ogasapian: Church Organs -- A Guide to Selection
The most useful and comprehensive resource that an organ committee could hope to read
Riedel: Acoustics in the Worship Space
Years of experience as an acoustician and church musician are applied to a practical method of determining and achieving acoustical design for the worship space. Included are: placement of participants, instruments; building materials and furnishings; geometric arrangement of walls, surfaces and spaces; reverberation; and public address systems.
Klotz: The Organ Handbook
This book on the structure, design, maintenance, history, and function of the organ addresses construction of the organ, what the architect should know, how the pastor and congregation should plan, maintenance, service playing, a brief history, and notes for the organist. It provides a list of organ music, a bibliography, and a 14"-square fold-out of an organís internal mechanism. It is quite technical.
Soderlund: A Guide to the Pipe Organ
Especially useful to those who are trying to make sense of organ mechanisms, terms and jargon, such as "unification," "registration," "stops," "ranks." etc.