Organ Duets

Here are some recordings by several accomplished pairs of organists.

20th-21st Century Organ Music for Two Volume Four
20th Century Organ Music for Two Volume 1
Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault play the 1989 Möller organ at the Roswell United Methodist Church in Roswell, Georgia.
20th-Century Organ Music for Two: Volume 2
Duo-organists Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault play the great organ of the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
Christmas at Spivey Hall
Double Forte
David Higgs & Todd Wilson Play Duos on the 141-rank Möller at National City Christian Church in Washington, D. C. in this 20-bit CD from Delos.
Kiyo & Chiemi Watanabe Play Duets
Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe play works composed for organ duet and some arranged pieces on the 2003 Dan Garland 4-74 incorporating the Aeolian-Skinner at First Methodist, Wichita Falls, Texas. The Watanabes studied at Baylor University (Kiyo), Juilliard (Chiemi), Manhattan School of Music (graduate degrees for both) and each plays for a different Methodist church in Wichita Falls.
ROY PERRY: Christos Patterakis JONGEN: Toccata (Symphonie Concertante) MERKEL: Sonata in d 4 hands LISZT: Les Préludes DINDA: Max Cat Rag; Charlie Dog Blues KIYO WATANABE: 2 Hymn Preludes in Jazz Style Aurelia & Morning Song SOUSA: Stars and Stripes Forever
musica organi elegans
Organ & Harpsichord, Solo, 4-Hands: The “Gallant” period brought forth several examples of pieces for two keyboard instruments, which according to the practices of the time, were not specified. Craig Cramer and Christoph Keggenhoff make elegant music on an 1818 Geib organ and a 2000 Klop harpsichord. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
Mozart Transcribed: Organ Duet
Spanish organist Jordi Vergés and Italian organist Fabio Ciofini play their transcriptions for four hands and four feet of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachmusik and his Symphony No. 40 on a Spanish organ! Discover the majesty of these pieces as arranged for what Mozart called the "King of Instruments."
Organa Americana
Tom Trenney plays the 2003 Schantz 3-56 at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia. Andrew Kotylo joins him for Stephen Paulus' Paean for Organ Duet Click the headline for works by Anne Wilson, Shearing, Dudley Buck, Dan Miller, Ives, Paulus, Phillips, Jennifer Conner, and improvs by Trenny.
Four Hands, 9 Organs
A veritable organ crawl — 9 organs in Germany and a Möller in Pennsylvania — and organ music for four hands from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Iris and Carsten Lenz make four-hand music on organs built 1770-1995, with photos of organs and consoles, stoplists, and brief histories. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
1867 Mehmel 3-46 organ, Greifswald
Romantic Organ Music for 4 Hands and 4 Feet is played by Katja Richter and Markus T. Funck on the magnificent 1867 Mehmel 3m organ at St. Mary’s in Greifswald, Germany, the largest surviving instrument by this important Romantic builder and apprentice to Ladegast, with no lost stops and only two added on blank sliders. The organ was restored in 1991. The repertoire is all originally composed in the 19th century for two organists.