Music From Various Nations

Paths: Bambauer and Schwind, Trumpet & Organ
The proverb says "All roads lead to Rome." In Trier, everyone knows the opposite to be true: All roads come from Rome. During the Roman occupation around 290 AD the Konstantin Basilika was erected as a monument showing the power of the Roman Empire. After the destruction of World War II, a new organ (II/P/30) with mechanical tracker action and electric stop action was built in 1962 by Prof. Karl Schuke, Berlin.
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Grim Death
Four chorales form the basis of this recording of dramatic and highly evocative readings with musical variations related to the theme of death.
Petr Eben: Organ Works
Talented young German organist Gunther Rost collaborates with Czech composer Petr Eben in recording Eben's works on the Motette label. On five volumes Rost plays organs in Germany and Switzerland.

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Hommage à Petr Eben
Dan Zerfaß pays hommage to the Czech composer Petr Eben by playing several of his works and a work of Dietrich Buxtehude, to whom Eben paid hommage on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of Buxtehude's birth. Zerfaß plays the 1981 Heinz Wilbrand organ at the Einhard-Basilika St. Marcellinus und Petrus in Seligenstadt.
Paul de Maleingreau Symphonic Organ Works Vol. 1
Peter Van de Velde plays the 1891 Schyven Organ in Our Lady’s Cathedral, Antwerp
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Paul de Maleingreau Symphonic Organ Works Vol. 2
More symphonic organ works from French-born Belgian composer Paul de Maleingreau (1887-1956). Peter Van de Velde plays the 1891 Pierre Schyven Organ (the largest built by that firm) at Our Lady's Cathedral, Antwerp.
Total playing time: 78:24
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Mozart on Italian Organs
Liuwe Tamminga performs on organs in Bologna and Verona played upon or heard by Wolfgang Mozart when he traveled in Italy at age 14 in 1769-1771. The pieces used are an anthology of little-known compositions and several of Mozart’s sketches completed by other musicians.
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Schnitger in Brazil
Cristina Garcia Banegas Plays. In 1752, Portuguese King John V gave the Cathedral in Mariana, Brazil, the 1701 Schnitger that had been built for the Franciscan church in Lisbon.... The organ was restored in 1977 by the Beckerath workshop in Hamburg, and in 2001 by Bernhard Edskes. Silent for most of its existence, the organ is heard in music of the Baroque era as composed in Mexico, Bogotá (Colombia), Recife (Brazil), and Bolivia and played by Cristina Gracia Banegas. More, click on ikon.
Peter Sykes Plays Modern Organ Music
On the 1999 Noack organ, Op. 135, at the Neskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland, Peter Sykes plays works by Icelandic composers Jon Thorarinsson, Jon Asgeirsson, Gunnar Reynir Sveinsson, and Jon Nordal, as well as Hindemith, Heiller, Pinkham, and Woodman. Click on headline for more information
Asma & Zwart Chorales and Psalms
The great Dutch organist and teacher Feike Asma (1912-1984) recorded in 1982 his own chorale-based works and those of his teacher, Jan Zwart (1877-1937), on the famous 1726 Vater / 1742 J. C. Müller / 1870 Witte organ at the Oude Kirk in Amsterdam. Excellent sound! Click picture for repertoire
Cavaillé-Coll at Moscow
The 1899 Cavaillé-Coll 3-62 at the Moscow Conservatory was exhibited at the 1900 World’s Fair by Widor, Vierne, Gigout, and Guilmant. A program of Russian and French music is played by Alexei Parshin who teaches organ at the conservatory. Click picture for repertoire
Blending Voices: Katharine Pardee at Rosales Organ, Seattle<BR>Organ Music from Belgium
The fabulous 4m Rosales in the Seattle Cathedral of St. James, played by itself and together with the 1907 Hutchings-Votey 4m in the West Gallery by Katharine Pardee in works by Jongen, Edgar Tinel, Franck, and Flor Peeters. Click on ikon for further description and to order
Petr Eben Organ Works, Philip Crozier Plays
Philip Crozier plays selected works by Peter Eben on the 1877 Sauer organ of Fulda Cathedral restored and enlarged in 1995 by Rieger, including the seven parts of Faust, A Festive Voluntary on Good King Wenceslas, and A Small Choralpartita
The Organ Works of Michael Radulescu
Michael Radulescu organ works are played by Pascale Rouet on the Kern organ in Notre-Dame des Blancs Manteaux, Paris. Romanian organist and composer Radulescu was born in 1943 and is widely known as a teacher and performer. Click headline for repertoire
Robert Fuchs Organ Works
Robert Fuchs (1847-1927), praised by Brahms and a respected composition teacher at the Vienna Conservatory, took the tradition of Brahms and made thoughtful variations of these previously articulated musical statements. Peter Planyavsky plays the 1991 Rieger organ in the Stephansdom in Vienna.
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Firebird & Petrouchka Transcribed!
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Organ Fireworks! with Christopher Herrick
British virtuoso Chrisopher Herrick plays fiery organ works of all periods and nationalities on magnificent organs located all over the world, from an Aeolian-Skinner in New York to huge organs in Iceland, Finland, Paris, England, and many more.
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