Otto Olsson

Otto Olsson
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Gregorian Melodies in the Form of Organ Pieces, Op. 30: Creator alme siderum, Angelus, O quot undis lacrimarum, Veni Creator, Vexilla Regis, Salve Regina;
Six Pieces on Old Church Songs, Op. 47: Alma redemptoris, Iste confessor, Haec dies, Credo, O sacrum convivium, Magnificat;
Ten Variations on the Dorian Plainsong Ave Maris Stella, Op. 42

Otto Olsson Organ Music, Vol. 1, Gregorian Pieces
Born in Stockholm in 1879, Otto Olsson was a church organist and teacher of organ and harmony at the Conservatory, composing secular organ works and much music, becoming a leading member of the Hymnal Committee for the Church of Sweden and, in his own description in 1931, a “miniature archbishop for church music.” Inspired by Widor’s Symphonie Gothique and Symphonie Romane, Olsson became the first Swedish composer to include plainsong themes in organ music. These works are played by Sverker Jullander at the Kristinehamn Church on the 3m organ of 43 stops built in 1921 by Setterquist & Son of Örebro. Olsson was official examiner of this organ, reporting it to be “at the peak level of present-day standards.”