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Paris Organ Videos
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Langlais Lectures and Performs
Recorded at the home of Jean Langlais and the Schola Cantorum in Paris 1989, this valuable footage of his lectures is sure to be a worthy addition to any organist's DVD library. You'll enjoy performances by Jean Langlais, Yves Castagnet, and Marie-Louise Langlais. This DVD was recorded after Jean Langlais had a stroke, so Marie-Louise Langlais provided assistance.
Daniel Roth explains the history of music and art at the Church of St. Sulpice in Paris, beginning before the French Revolution and continuing through the time of Albert Schweitzer. Both of the two organs at St. Sulpice are featured: the famous (and now beautifully restored) five-manual Cavaillé-Coll Grande Orgue built 1857-62 in the West gallery and incorporating the earlier organ by Clicquot; and the two-manual, 28-rank Cavaillé-Coll organ built in 1858 in the front of the church to accompany the choir, with Roth performing more than 45 minutes of music on them. The stereo sound quality is exceptional, in digital stereo on the DVD and in excellent VHS-HiFi on the videotape version. Roth plays the following:

César Franck

Charles-Marie Widor
Symphony 6 Movement 1
Bach’s Memento

Camille Saint-Saëns
Scherzo, op. 8, No.

Improvisations on Victimae paschali laudes and Herzlich tut mich verlangen