The Perfect Combination: Jim Riggs, and a Studio Wurlitzer, and an AMPICO

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Product Description

Jim Riggs enhances vintage Ampico reproducing piano performances with the sounds of the Little River Studio Wurlitzer organ.

Designed and voiced differently than a Wurlitzer instrument built for a larger space, the studio organ was a frequent fixture of movie sound stages and radio broadcast venues. The Little River Studio, Wichita, Kansas, is home to an organ that began as a standard, early style 235 Wurlitzer 3-11. With 8 ranks added, it is now controlled by its original console, as well as the four-manual console of the last organ recorded by Jesse Crawford. The organ plays directly into a space close to the size of the Paramount studio. Joining Ampico performances by J. Milton Delcamp, Vincent Lopez, Ferde Grofe, Harry Shipman, Adam Carroll, Victor Arden, and Lewis Fuiks, Jim Riggs gives a unique view of the multi-faceted Wurlitzer sound.

I Want To Be Happy; Hello Bluebird; The Kinkajou; The Cuban Love Song; Making Whoopee; Barbara; Iím Sorry, Sally; June Night; It Happened in Monterey; Am I Blue?; Dance of the Blue Danube; Home In Pasadena; Lucky Lindy