Peter Planyavsky Plays Mendelssohn

Peter Planyavsky Plays Mendelssohn
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The organ works of Mendelssohn are heard on the 1985 Pirchner organ designed by Planyavsky himself in South German style. The 3-40 organ is located in the Church of St. Augustine in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria.

Planyavsky’s notes regarding the organ career of Mendelssohn are of particular interest, not only pertaining to Mendelssohn’s playing but also to his techniques of composing for the organ.

Sonatas, Opus 65; Fugue in d; Choral variations on Wie groß ist des Allmächt’gen Güte; Andante in D; Trio in F; Prelude & Fugue in G; Andante in D with Variations; Allegro in d Minor/D Major; Ostinato in c; Allegro in B; Fuge in f; Fugue in g; Prelude/Andante in c; Prelude & Fugue in c; Prelude & Fugue in d; Fughetta in A; Prelude in d; Fugue in d; Fugue in e; Nachspiel in D

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