Pipedreams! & Michael Barone: Organ on the Radio

Pipedreams! & Michael Barone: Organ on the Radio
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Beloved by radio listeners everywhere, the Pipedreams! radio program features host Michael Barone and organs and organ music of all kinds. A fine recording engineer as well as a fine program host, Michael Barone presents several Pipedreams CDs featuring very interesting performances and repertoire.

Pipedreams Premieres, Vol. 2
Pipedreams radio program host Michael Barone explores recently composed or discovered works, including the Concerto for Organ and Orchestra by Stephen Paulus that was so well received at the Atlanta AGO convention a few years ago. This rewarding trove of interesting music is a "must have" for all who love the organ, and the purchase helps to support the national treasures that are Michael Barone and his labor-of-love, Pipedreams.

STEPHEN PAULUS: Organ Concerto, Norman Mackenzie, organist, Atlanta Symphony, 1987 Petty-Madden, Trinity Presbyterian, Atlanta
BOVET: Ricercare, Guy Bovet, organist, 1982 Bedient, Ripon, Wisconsin
RICHARD STEWART: Prelude for Organ & Tape, David Engen, organist, 1985 Schantz, St. Leo-the-Great, St. Paul, Minnesota
FELA SOWANDE: Obangiji, David Hurd, organist, 1961 Holtkamp, Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee
THOMAS KERR: Arietta, Mickey Thomas Terry, organist, 1957 Aeolian-Skinner, Georgetown Presbyterian, Washington DC
LIBBY LARSEN: Aspects of Glory, Diane Meredith Belcher, organist, 1950 Casavant, Marsh Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts
RICHARD DIRKSEN: Cantilena, Wilma Jensen, organist, 1954 Aeolian-Skinner, Riverside Church, NYC
BRENT WEAVER: Fanfares and Antiphons, Susan Klotzbach, organist, 1992 Ruffatti, Spivey Hall, Morrow, GA
Pipedreams Premieres!, Vol. 1

LOHER: Fanfare Improvisation
BACH/FERGUSON: Contrapunctus XIV
MENOTTI: Ricercare
DANEK: Flowers
BOLCOM: 3 from Gospel Preludes IV
MASON: Psalm 139
SIMONDS: Dorian Prelude on Dies Irae
NANCY FAXON: Intermezzo for Organ
MENDELSSOHN: Allegro, Chorale & Fugue in d/D

Michael Barone explores recently composed or discovered works. Players are Stephen Loher, Michael Ferguson, John Weaver, Leonard Danek, Marilyn Mason, Edward Berryman, and Thomas Murray.
Pipedreams Live!

J. STRAUSS II: Emperor Waltz
MADER: Afternoon of a Toad; October Interlude
MENDELSSOHN: Piano Concerto No. 1 in g
BOVET: Hamburger Totentanz
WILLAN: Prelude & Fugue in c
BACH: Largo from Concerto in d BWV 1043
HANCOCK: 4 Spirituals

Michael Barone, host of the Pipedreams radio program, compiles favorite live recordings. In an unparalled tour-de-force at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall, pianist Robert Pitman and organist George Lamphere perform the Mendelssohn piano concerto. Other organists are Peter Conte, Cherry Rhodes, Anne Wilson, Wolfgang Rübsam, Jeffrey Campbell, Robert Scoggin, and John Scott. Organs include the Ocean Grove Auditorium Hope-Jones et al; the Meyerson Fisk; Aeolian-Skinners at Grace Cathedral San Francisco, Northwestern Univ., and Methuen; 1963-87 Sipe at Christ UMC in Rochester, Minn., and Welte/Möller/Gould at St. Mark’s Cath., Minn.