Placidus Metsch Organ Works

Placidus Metsch Organ Works
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Placidus Metsch Organ Works
At the 1824 organ built by Johann Viktor Gruol and Sons for the Marienkirche in Bissingen an den Teck, Germany, Laura Cerutti plays a series of pieces in Rococo style written by Placidus Metsch. Though Metsch was an ordained priest and organist at the monastery in Rott/Inn about a century before the organ was built, he wrote under an obvious Italian influence and many of the pieces heard here could be comfortably performed in the salon as entertainment.

The Gruol organ was opened on the first Sunday of Advent in 1824 and was restored in 1969 by the firm of Rensch/Lauffen to eliminate changes to its tonal scheme made in 1880 and 1826. Seventeen of the original 20 stops had survived and only 3 needed to be reconstructed.

METSCH: Preludes & Fugues in g, IV Tone, a, d, F; Allegro; Minuet in E-flat; Trin in c, Andante in c, Allegro in E-flat; Galanteria in G; Minuet in G; Cappricio Vivace in G; Andante in G; Allegro in A; Minuet in A; Trio in a; Capriccio in A; Pastorale (Adagio) in D