Rain Machine

Rain Machine
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Thunderstorms created by the organ were popular concert fare a century ago and even before, so much so that some organs were equipped with thunder pedals and rain machines. The fabulous organ at the Hofkirche in Lucerne, Switzerland, contains a rain machine built in 1862 and it is given a workout in these pieces either containing composed thunderstorms or related to inclement weather and the calm thereafter. The notes on the works are highly informative. The organ contains 18 registers created in 1650, 35 created in 1862, and the rest of its 116 ranks in 81 registers on five manuals were built by the superb Swiss firm of Th. Kuhn in 1977.

FLAGLER: Alpine Fantasy and Storm NEUKOMM: Grand Dramatic Fantasia LISZT: Legende I St. Francis of Assisi preaches to the birds; Valée d’Obermann KARG-ELERT: Clair de Lune, op. 72/2