Reginald Dixon Switchback

Reginald Dixon Switchback
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Recorded in the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, 1932-34, and digitally restored, these now sound better than ever. Made by a young Reginald Dixon on the original Tower Wurlitzer, the selections are mostly medleys of popular songs of the day.

Singing in the Moonlight
Crazy People
When the Band Goes Marching On
Round the World with Reginald Dixon Parts 1 & 2:
Watch the Navy
Medley of Christmas Carols
A Day's Outing
Passing of the Regiments Parts 1 & 2:
Young and Healthy
Fifty Years of Song Parts 1 & 2
Viennese Memories of Lehar
The Storm
Classical Selections
Blackpool Switchback