Reger on 597 Ranks!

Reger on 597 Ranks!
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Valedictorian of German Romanticism, Max Regerís ultimate statements for the organ are explored by fine artists in this series of 5 CDs which feature very interesting organs of the period by Walcker, Sauer, Ladegast, Steinmeyer, and others.

Vol. 1 Reger Organ Works on 121 Ranks
Vol. 1 Reger Organ Works on 121 ranks: Fantasie und Fuge uber BACH, op. 46; Introduktion und Passacaglia d-Moll; Fantasie uber den Choral Wie schon leuchtí uns der Morgenstern, Op. 40, Nr. 1; from Op. 59: Kyrie, Gloria, Benedictus.

Arvid Gast plays the 1911 Steinmeyer 4-121 at Christ Church, Mannheim, Germany.
Vol. 2 Reger Organ Works on 143 ranks
Vol. 2 Reger Organ Works on 143 ranks: Phantasie uber den Choral Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimmel, Op. 52, Nr. 2; Variationen und Fuge uber ein Originalthema, op. 73; from Op. 59: Pastorale, Intermezzo, Canon, Toccata und Fuge.

Martin Sander plays the 1883 Walcker at the Cathedral in Riga, Latvia, claimed the largest organ in the world when it was built. Now completely restored, it includes such unique capabilities as a swell pedal which changes the wind pressure on the Oboe-Fagott to vary its power and tone color, demonstrated in the Pastorale.
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Vol. 3 Reger Organ Works on 136 ranks
Phantasie fur Orgel uber den Choral Einí feste Burg ist unser Gott, Op. 27; Phantasieuber den Choral Straf mich nicht in deinem Zorn, Op. 40, Nr. 2; Symphonishe Phantasie und Fuge d-Moll, Op. 57; from Op. 59: Capriccio, Melodia, Te Deum, Pastorale, Intermezzo.

Arvid Gast plays the 1905 Sauer 4-136 at the Cathedral in Berlin, the largest organ in Germany when it was completed, now restored.
Vol. 4 Reger Organ Works on 87 ranks
Sonate Nt. 2 d-Moll, Op. 60; Praludium und Fuge e-Moll, Op. 85, Nr. 4; Phantasie uber den Choral Alle Menschen mussen sterben, Op. 52, Nr. 1; Praludium und Fuge h-Moll, Op. 129, Nr. 8 und 9; Phantasie und Fuge d-Moll, Op. 135b.

Heidi Emmert plays the 1910 Klais 4-87 at St. Elisabeth Church in Bonn, Germany, where the Klais firm completed in 1990 the Chororgel/Fernwerk as specified in 1910, then entirely restored the original organ.
Vol. 5 Reger Organ Works on 110 ranks
Vol. 5 Reger Organ Works on 110 ranks: Phantasie fur orgel uber den Choral Helleluja Gott zu loben, bleibe meine Seelenfreud!, Op. 52, Nr. 3; Trauerode, Op. 145; Introduktion, Passacaglia und Fuge fur Orgel, Op. 127.

Gerhard Oppelt plays the 1965-93 Michael Bosch 4-110 at the Lindenkirche in Berlin, Germany.
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