René Vierne: Organ Music

René Vierne
René Vierne
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Messe Basse; Trois interludes pour l’hymne Ave maris stella Canzona, Toccata; Sortie; 12 pièces des différents caractères

René Vierne (1878-1918), younger brother of Louis, developed a delicate lyricism that pervades his mostly liturgical works with a serene quality. He died in World War I, as did Louis’ son. The CD booklet translates Louis Vierne’s brief biography of René. Marie-Thérèse Jehan plays the 1896 Louis Debierre 3-42 at the Cathedral of St.-Pierre in Nantes, restored in 1988 by Jean Renaud, including the 1896 EP action and examples of Debierre’s invention, polyphonic pipes (one pipe produces several tones).