A Restored Callinet

A Restored Callinet
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Replacing an organ destroyed during the French Revolution, Joseph and Claude-Ignace Callinet built a new organ in 1837 for Notre-Dame Church in St. Etienne in the Loire Valley. Retaining 70 percent of its original pipework, this famous instrument was completely restored by Gaston Kern in 1995 to have its original specification of three manuals and 36 stops, removing two divisions added in 1870 and 1964. Already famous, now its original sonorities are even more telling of its fame as a wonderfully musical instrument of power and subtlety, bridging the gap between classical and romantic styles. Jean-Luc Perrot plays with great style this unusual repertoire from the early 19th century, some of it beautiful and even profound, and the amusing rest of it precursing the can-can. Thus, the Mass is a blast!

BAILLE: Muzetta-Canzonetta Op. 146; Offerotire sur un NoŽl Catalan & Offertoire ou Sortie, op. 10 nos. 3 & 4

J.-M. BEAUVARLET-CHARPENTIER: Messe de Dumont in C minor

FESSY: Five NoŽls

GUEIT: 5 morceaux op. 34

DAUSSOIGNE-MEHUL: Saltarelle, RÍverie