Rheinberger: Violin and Organ

Rheinberger: Violin and Organ
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NEW! Line Most, Violin and Marie Ziener, Organ

Six Pieces for Violin and Organ, Op. 150 Suite for Violin and Organ, Op. 166

While Rheinberger’s Opus 150 is made up of six essentially unrelated pieces, the Suite, Opus 166 is conceived as a structural whole and shows the composer’s skill at musical architecture. This recording presents the works nicely performed and makes them available at a very attractive price.

Most and Ziener have performed together since 1995 throughout Denmark and in Iceland. The organ heard is in St. David’s Church, Copenhagen and was built by Marcussen & Søn in 1988 with 22 stops on 2 manuals and pedal. Most plays a violin crafted in 1757 by Bergonzi, using a 19th-century bow by Peccatte.