German Romantic Music with Robert Parkins at Duke Chapel

Romantic Music at Duke
Romantic Music at Duke
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ON THE ĈOLIAN LISZT: Adagio (Consolation in D-flat), Orpheus, Andante religioso R. STRAUSS/PARKINS: Music from Elektra ON THE FLENTROP MENDELSSOHN: Sonata in d, Op. 65 No. 6; Allegro in B-flat SCHUMANN: Studies (Canons) Nos. 1 in C & 2 in a, Op. 56 RHEINBERGER: Introduction and Passacaglia, Scherzoso from Sonata 8

Robert Parkins, university organist, plays the 1932 Aeolian 4-97 and the 1976 Flentrop 4-94 of Duke Chapel, Duke University.