Romantic Organ Music: Leipzig & Dresden

Romantic Organ Music:  Leipzig & Dresden
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MERKEL: Sonata in f, op. 115
PFRETZSCHNER: Chorale Prelude Jesus, meine Zuversicht
NEUHOFF: Fantasy-Sonata in f, op.21
PIUTTI: Pastorale & Fugue on GADE, op.21
REGER: Fantasy & Fugue on BACH, op. 46

St. Thomas, Leipzig Organ works from the last quarter of the 19th century by composers who were educated and worked primarily in the two great music centers of Saxony, Leipzig and Dresden, are recorded on the restored 1889-1908 Sauer 3-100+ in the Thomaskirche, Leipzig, with Ulrich Böhme as the organist.