Scarlatti Sonatas on the Organ

Scarlatti Sonatas on the Organ
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Vincent Boucher performs 18 sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti on the 1993 Karl Wilhelm Opus 129 of 2 manuals and 15 ranks in Église du Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Montréal, Québec. Originally built for a US residence, the organ was later purchased by the Canadian church and is modeled in the Italian style but with flute stops placed on a second manual to offer flexibility in use.

Sonatas for Harpsichord in G minor, K 31/L 231; K 35/L 386; K 12/L 489; K 30/L 499 "The Cat's Fugue"; C minor, K 84/L 10; K 58/L 158; K 56/G 356; K 99/L 317; F minor, K 69/L 382; D minor, K 191/L 207; K 517/L 266; K 1/L 366; K 9/L 413; A minor, K 61/L 136; F major, K 525/L 188; D major, K 287/L S9; K 288/L 57; B minor, K 87/L 33

Hybrid SACD plays on all players.