Skinner Opus 190

Skinner Opus 190
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Skinner Opus 190, built in 1912 at Grand Avenue Methodist Temple in Kansas City, is the oldest Skinner 4m intact in its original location. Unfortunately, the Swell division was seriously water damaged in 1998, after restoration by Michael Quimby in 1995, making this recording all the more important. From its enormous open wood 32’ to its early solo stops and orchestral ensemble complete with mixtures, this organ is a great and beautiful treasure. Of course, Hohman’s playing is delightful.

PARKER: Festival Prelude
HOWE: Hommage ŕ Bonnet
HOLLINS: A Song of Sunshine
DETHIER: Intermezzo
NEVIN: Will o’ the Wisp
BOROWSKI: Sonata No. 1
WEAVER: The Cuckoo; The Squirrel
YON: Speranza
SHELLEY: Scherzo-Mosaic Dragonflies
VIERNE: Adagio & Final from Symphony 3