Soler: 6 Concerti for 2 Organs

Soler: 6 Concerti for 2 Organs
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Performed by Gareth Price and Graham Howell at Douai Abbey in Woolhampton, England, where the organs were built by Tamburini in 1978 and Kenneth Tickell in 1996. The Seis Conciertos de dos organos obligados were, as the title page informs us, composed “for the entertainment of the very serene Infante don Gabriel de Borbon” for whom Soler was keyboard instructor. The Six Concertos were probably composed for the tutor and student to play in a small palace built in the Escorial grounds.

ANTONIO SOLER: Six Concertos for Two Organs:
No. 1 in C
No. 2 in a
No. 3 in G
No. 4 in f
No. 5 in A
No. 6 in D