Springs of Genius

Springs of Genius
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Works of Bach and composers who influenced him

Margaret Phillips plays the 2004 Bernard Aubertin organ of 3 manuals and pedal, with 51 stops in the Church of St. Louis-en-L’Île, Paris, inspired by and modeled after the work of Hildebrandt in St. Wenzel’s Church, Naumburg. Phillips more than ably presents the great variety of color in the organ as well as complete command of the works chosen. In addition to notes on the pieces, registrations are included.

BRUHNS: Praeludium in G
KERLL: Passacaglia, Toccata 6
PACHELBEL: Partita on Alle Menschen müssen sterben, Toccata in e
FROBERGER: Fantasia on Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La FbWV 201; Capriccio FbWV 501
BÖHM: Chorale Prelude on Vater unser im Himmelreich, Praeludium in C
REINCKEN: Fugue in g
BUXTEHUDE: Chorale Preludes: Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herr Gott, BuxWV 199, Nun bitten wir den heilgen Geist, BuxWV 208, Ciacona in e, BuxWV 160
S> BACH: Toccata in E, BWV 566