Strungk Organ Works
Music of a Father and Son

Strungk Organ Works <br>Music of a Father and Son
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DELPHIN STRUNGK: Magnificat noni toni; Ich hab mein Sach Gott heimgestellt; Lass mich dein sein und bleiben; Toccata ad manuale duplex
NICOLAUS ADAM STRUNGK: Capriccio in F; Capriccio primi toni; Capriccio in g; Ricecar Sopra la Morte della mia . . . Madre; Capriccio in e; Ricecar in G; Capriccio in a

David Yearsley plays the 1692 Schnitger in Norden, Germany, performing music of the Strungk family, an astonishing collection of previously unrecorded 17th-century masterpieces.