Suites for Souvigny

Suites for Souvigny
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Gulain: Suite on 4th tone
Rameau: Excerpts Les Borčades
Marais: Tombeau for Lully
Rebel: Excerpts Les elements
Charpentier: Magnificat 7th Tone
Bovet: Suite for Souvigny

Suites for Souvigny One Disc of the 2-CD set features music contemporary with Clicqout whose organ from 1783 at St. Mark of Sourvignyin Alliers, France, is almost unaltered. The second CD contains a work by Guy Bovet commissioned for the Souvigny organ. Reminiscent of French Classical style it systematically demonstrates the tonal colors. Played by Thilo Muster, a student of Bovet.