The Sun Organ

The Sun Organ
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BUXTEHUDE: Passacaglia in d BuxWV 161
FRANCAIX: Suite Carmélite
LEIDEL: Toccata delectatione, op. 5
MENDELSSOHN: Sonata IV in B, Op. 65, No. 4
KUCHAR: Fantasie in d
BACH: Sonata No. 1 in E-flat BWV 525; Toccata & Fugue in d BWV 565
WALTHER: Concerto of Sign. Meck
ANON. POLISH: Przygrywka choralowa — Colenda

The Sun Organ is named for the remarkable case built by Johann Conrad Büchau ca. 1700 for the large Church of St. Peter and Paul in the German town of Görlitz on the Nei_e River at the border with Poland. Büchau dispersed 17 “suns” symmetrically over the front of the case, arranging pipes of the Pedal Mixture XII as the spokes of a wheel in each “sun” and capping the center of each with a golden disc. Within the case was a 3m organ of 57 stops completed after six years of effort, in 1703, by the famed Eugenio Casparini who was 74 years old when he started the project in 1697. It became the most famous organ in Silesia, but Andreas Silbermann wrote after a visit, “I would be much more fond of it if I had not played and heard it myself . . .” It was entirely replaced in 1928 by an electropneumatic organ which no longer played by 1978 and was removed from the historic case, wherein the famous “Sun Mixture” remained along with 29 pipes of a wooden Onda Maris. Mathis built a brand new organ in the case in 1997, with 64 stops on three manuals including 2 stops at 32’ pitch as well as recreations of stops and devices in the original Sun organ, including several bird calls and drums. The musical Reinhard Selliger plays.