Sweelinck: Psalms from Geneva

Sweelinck: Psalms from Geneva
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Masaaki Suzuki (who has studied under both Ton Koopman and Piet Kee) performs works by Sweelinck based on the Genevan Psalter. Suzuki performs on the 2002 Marc Garnier organ which was built in 17th century Dutch/ North German style for the Reformed Church of Japan's Kobe parish.

Toccata in A Minor
Psalm 140
Toccata in G Minor
Psalm 23
Toccata in C
Psalm 116
Fantasia Chromatica in D Minor
Psalm 36
Echo Fantasia in C
Chorale: Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr
Chorale: Puer nobis nascitur