Dr. J. Butz

The Roman Organ of Aquincum (Built 228 A. D.)


In 1931, parts of an ancient pipe organ were excavated in western Budapest, in a place that was called Aquincum when the area came into Roman possession in the early years, A. D. An inscription on the organ precisely dates it as having been donated in 228 A. D. This book entirely describes the organ (in English) as studied and reproduced by Werner Walcker-Mayer, scion of the organbuilding dynasty. His careful studies of the music of the organ’s era and a decade of technical research, his failures and success at the third attempt to replicate the organ (in 1969), all are recounted with many photographs and diagrams in this handsome volume, bound in green leather and stored since its publication in 1972. 116 pages, hardbound.

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