Tour Bus goes to Disney Hall

Tour Bus goes to Disney Hall
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Dr. Carol Williams visits the Disney Concert Hall Organ in Los Angeles, CA. This volume includes wonderful ground and aerial views of the building inside and out as well as a tour of the four story inner workings of the Disney Organ where the pipes live.

Interviews with:
Frank Gehry, Architect of the building
Manuel Rosales, Voicer and Curator of the organ
Phil Smith, Conservator demonstrates the organ
Fred Swann, The Inaugural Disney Concert Organist

Performances by Carol Williams:
Twilight by Carol Williams
Flight of the Bumble Bee (on pedals) by Rimsky-Korsakov
Toccata in d minor by J.S. Bach
Grand Dialogue by Louis Marchand
Dark Friesian by Carol Williams
Toccata by Iver Kleive