Tour Bus Goes to Spreckels

Tour Bus Goes to Spreckels

Product Description

This video travelogue by Carol Williams takes viewers to the famous Balboa Park in San Diego, California for a lavish tour of the Spreckels organ. At 95 years young, the organ is a vital part of San Diegoís cultural life and draws audiences of thousands.

In addition to a tour inside the organ case, there are conversations with the organís curator, past Civic Organists of San Diego, the cityís Mayor, and present Civic Organist Carol Williams, as well as a performance (from a crowded bench) as three organists play the Spreckels organ simultaneously!

America the Beautiful
The Star Spangled Banner
WIDOR: Toccata from Symphonie V
FARNAM: Toccata
BEDARD: Pedal Solo
HUDSON: Moonglow