Tom Hazleton: Echoes of the Minnesota

Tom Hazleton: Echoes of the Minnesota
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Tom Hazleton plays the former Minnesota Theatre Wurlitzer

Installed in 1928 in downtown Minneapolis, this Publix #1 Wurlitzer was removed from the now-razed theatre, rebuilt by David Junchen and enlarged from 20 to 27 ranks. It is now owned by a private collector.

Using a record-playback system installed on the rebuilt organ, Robert Ridgeway recorded performances by several artists. This collection of pieces performed by Tom Hazleton is from a 1989 playback session.

Hazleton’s program shows the panoply of musical styles he mastered and also his creative use of arrangements and the organ itself.

MOTEN, HAYES: South, ALBINONI: Adagio in g, Arr. HAZLETON: Southern Fantasia, PACHELBEL: Was Gott Tut Das Ist Wohlgetan, VARIOUS: 1927 Medley, HOLLINS: A Song of Sunshine, D’AQUIN: Noel VI, RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN: Carousel Medley