Skinner & Aeolian-Skinner

Illuminations, Sharon Rose Pfeiffer, Organist
Sharon Rose Pfeiffer plays organ works by King, Widor, Bach and more on the EM Skinner Organ at the Church of the Transfiguation, Orleans, MA. This particular organ is the only one in the world in which the pipes run along the north and south aisles of the church. This creates a surround sound effect, which you will enjoy in this recording.
Wild Sunrises: Organ Music of Carson Cooman
Harry Lyn Huff plays the 1921 E. M. Skinner Organ, Op. 308, Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts. The 115-rank organ built in 1921 by E. M. Skinner for the municipal auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota, was relocated 1981-85 to Old South Church, Boston, saving it from destruction, the decision to acquire it having been made very briefly before the auditorium was to be razed. This CD by Harry Lyn Huff of organ works by Carson Cooman is the first CD of the organ in solo organ repertoire.
The Aeolian Skinner Legacy: The King of Instruments Volumes I-III
Now available for the first time ever on CD from the master tapes of these landmark recordings, including previously unreleased material! Featuring: Thomas Dunn, George Faxon, G. Donald Harrison, Robert Owen, Roy Perry, William Watkins, Joseph S. Whiteford and the organs of Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston; Christ Church, Bronxville; First Presbyterian Church, Kilgore; and Symphony Hall, Boston.
Scott Dettra, Organist and Associate Director of Music, presents a program of large organ favorites on the most recent recording of the Washington National Cathedral's Great Organ built by E. M. Skinner and installed in 1938. Dettra is responsible for more than 350 services a year and assists with the direction of the Cathedral Choirs. He frequently hosts Organ Recitals on this, his home instrument of 189 ranks and over 10,000 pipes. This will most certainly be a prize-winning recording by a prize-winning artist.
The King of Instruments:  Highlights
For this “appetizer” of a highly anticipated series, historic recordings of instruments built by the Æolian-Skinner firm are collected and made available for the first time on compact disc. The “King of Instruments” series, recorded and produced by Æolian-Skinner, features some of the company's most notable instruments and played by the organists who were most closely associated with these landmark organs. Recorded between 1953 and 1973, this material is re-mastered by the Vermont Organ Academy, from the original Aeolian-Skinner master tape recordings, which are owned by the Organ Historical Society.
The Mormon Tabernacle Organ: Richard Elliott Plays
Richard Elliott performs a varied and interesting group of pieces on the famous G. Donald Harrison Aeolian-Skinner organ in the Mormon Tabernacle.
Max Reger at SMU: Christopher Anderson Plays
"...This recording will prove invaluable to anyone interested in the effective performance of Reger," says James Hildreth of The American Organist.

Christopher Anderson plays Reger on both Fisk Opus 101 in Caruth Auditorium and the 3-71 Aeolian-Skinner/Schudi/Dupont organ in Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University.
Henry Morton Dunham: A Boston Classic
The music of Henry Morton Dunham, who taught at the New England Conservatory of Music for nearly 50 years, with Wallace Goodrich and Everett Truette among his own students.
Girard: The Definitive Recording
Symphonic repertoire and grand playing on 102 stops of E. M. Skinner finery in Philadelphia's famed Girard Chapel. Just recently re-released!
Espressivo: Music for Violin and Organ
Works for Violin and Organ, as well as organ solo, performed on a 1963 Aeolian-Skinner.
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From the Vermont Organ Academy, an excellent series of recordings of Aeolian-Skinner organs in New York City, Washington, D.C., Texas and Mississippi. Performances by Lorenz Maycher, Rob Roy Perry, and Neal Campbell. Historical recordings of performances by Albert Russell, Charles Callahan, William Watkins, George Markey, and A. G. Bowen. Excellent commentary included with each volume.
With Heart & Voice
The Trinity Choir (semi-professional choir of Trinity Church, Boston) performs anthems under the direction of OHS Member Brian Jones. Ross Wood accompanies on the Nave Organ (E.M. Skinner) and the Chancel Organ (Aeolian-Skinner).

Member Conducts!
Boston 2000
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J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988<BR>Daniel Sullivan plays on 97-ranks of Aeolian-Skinner
J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, on 97-ranks of Aeolian-Skinner
Daniel Sullivan Plays at St. Philip's Episcopal Cathedral, Atlanta
French Éclat at St. Thomas Church, New York City<BR>Jeremy Bruns Plays the Arents Memorial Organ
French Éclat:
Jeremy Bruns

An exciting recital of French works played on the chancel organ of St. Thomas', New York.
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Scott Lamlein plays Skinner Opus 615: The Organ at Worship
In Wesley United Methodist Church, Worcester, Massachusetts, a modern urban congregation is still well-served by a Skinner organ, as this varied program shows.
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E. M. Skinner at Union Terminal, Cincinnati
A huge 1929 E. M. Skinner 4m concert organ is expertly installed in the fabulous acoustic of the former train station in Cincinnati, now the Cincinnati Museum Center. Tom Murray and Peter Conte have each made great CDs on it, available here. Click the headline to order CDs recorded by Tom Murray and Peter Conte.
Karg-Elert Complete Organ Works, Vol. 2
Stefan Engels plays the 4m 1930 E. M. Skinner, op. 820, at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Toledo, Ohio. Three Impressions, op. 108 (Sunset, Starlight, Elegiac Poem); Cathedral Windows, op. 106 (Kyrie, Ave Maria, Resonet in Laudibus, Adeste Fideles, Saluto Angelico, Lauda Sion); Chorale Improvisation Nearer my God to Thee; Three New Impressions, op. 142 (Stimmen der Nacht, Valse mignonne, Romantisch)
William Teague Shreveport Cathedral, 105 Ranks!
2 CDs for the Price of One William Teague plays the 105-rank Aeolian-Skinner built 1955-'59 with the collaboration of Roy Perry, the famous A-S representative who had great talent in tonal design and finishing. Teague dedicated the completed organ and is the organist/choirmaster emeritus of the Episcopal cathedral in Shreveport, Louisiana. Very rarely recorded, this organ enjoys the sumptuous acoustics of a grand, vertical neo-Gothic building. This 2-CD set represents a retrospective of William Teague’s outstanding artistry as a major concertizing organist of the mid-20th century and a monument to superlative organbuilding.
DUPRÉ: Stations of the Cross, Complete GINASTERA: Toccata, Villancico y Fuga BINGHAM: Roulade MESSIAEN: Serene AlleluiasCOOK: Scherzo, Dance & Reflection WILLAN: Introduction, Passacaglia & Fugue
Virgil Fox at Girard College
First time on CD! When Virgil Fox was 29 in 1941, RCA Victor recorded him on the magnificent Skinner organ in the chapel at Girard College, Philadelphia. These touchstones of Fox’s art are digitally remastered and produced on a CD for the first time, including four pieces that were not released by RCA on 78 rpm shellac. Works by Gigout, Mulet, Campra, Willan, Vierne, Clarke, and J. S. Bach.
Comes Autumn Time
Teacher and recitalist G. Fredrick Guzasky plays a varied program on the previously unrecorded 1961 Aeolian-Skinner 3-57, op. 1414, at St. Stephen’s Church, Cohasset, Massachusetts.
Harry Wilkinson at Girard College
Harry Wilkinson, whose first CD recorded on the 1933 E. M. Skinner of 102 stops in the stunning acoustics of Girard College in Philadelphia was well received, now has made the sequel with works of Sowerby, Maleingreau, Dupré, and Karg-Elert. Click the headline for titles and to order.
David Higgs at Riverside
The huge organ at Riverside Church, New York (where David Higgs was once a staff organist) comes alive in an exciting program that exploits both its enormous potential and Higgs' stellar technique and artistry. Sowerby, Shearing, Mendelssohn, Franck, Alain, Bolcom, Conte, and Duruflé.
Todd Wilson: In a Quiet Cathedral
Todd Wilson plays the 1961 Aeolian-Skinner enlarged to 4m, 96 ranks in 1991 in the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, displaying its wide panoply of tonal colors in a mostly gentle program of lovely pieces. SPECIAL 2-CD set click picture for program and to order
Gustav Holst: The Planets
Peter Sykes transcribes this 20th-century orchestral masterpiece for, and plays it on, the 1933 Skinner organ of 100+ ranks at Girard College, Philadelphia. Writes David Bond in the The American Record Guide, "Sykes has made the impossible possible. This transcription is by far the most satisfying and persuasive I have ever heard."
The Grand German Organ Tradition
1940 Aeolian-Skinner, Cornell<br> The Last Organ Works of Brahms & Franck

Last Works of Brahms & Franck are played by George Damp at Sage Chapel, Cornell University, on the famous 1940 Aeolian-Skinner 3-65, op. 1009
and solo works on the Aeolian-Skinner of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, New York. David Craighead plays Medieval Poem and David Mulbury plays Classic Concerto with the Fairfield Orchestra, John Welsh, conductor. Craighead plays solo works Pageant and Festival Music (Fanfare, Chorale, and Toccata on “AGO”).
Iain Quinn at Methuen

On the famous 1863 Walcker / 1947 Aeolian-Skinner, Iain Quinn presents standards by Bach, Liszt, and Franck plus three premieres of works written in 1990, 1992, and 1993. Click the headline for titles and to order.
Parry at Girard College
The Wanderer and other organ works by Hubert Parry are played by organist Robert Benjamin Dobey on the E. M. Skinner organ (4-110) at Girard College.
Colin Lynch Plays the 1926 E. M. Skinner Organ, Stambaugh Auditorium, Youngstown, Ohio
NEW! Colin Lynch, winner of the Fort Wayne Competition in 2010, plays the intact E. M. Skinner organ of four manuals and 67 stops in a grand concert hall, Stambaugh Auditorium, both hall and organ built in 1926 as the magnificent bequest of a native to the people of Youngstown, Ohio. Restoration of the organ as-built, with all original equipment, was completed by A. Thompson-Allen Co. in 2010.