Varied Organ Music Recordings Played on Organs in Continental Europe & Elsewhere

Lubbert Gnodde Plays the Historic Organs of the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Amsterdam
NEW! Lubert Gnodde was born in Urk, The Netherlands. He studied with Jacques van Oortmerssen at the conservatory in Amsterdam where he obtained his degrees in organ with honors. In 2000 he obtained two first prizes in the national organ competition of Leiden. In 2005 he won first prize with honors at the International Schnitger Organ Competition in Alkmaar, with an additional mention 'exceptional' for the second round. In 2007 he won first prize and audience prize in the International César Franck competition in Haarlem. He is currently the organist of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the St. Augustinus Church in Amsterdam.
Antonio Abroad: Cabezon and the Organ Culture of Sixteenth-Century Europe
NEW! Edward C. Pepe, organist and Bert van der Wetering, bass/baritone perform in this new recording. Featuring the music of 16th Century Europe on the organ of the Grote Kerk, Oosthuizen, this CD is sure to dazzle!

Total Playing Time- 60:55
Eugene Reuchsel: Promenades en Provence
NEW! Pierre Labric plays the music of Eugene Reuchsel in this new album by Solstice. Promenades en Provence is a recording of the grandes orgues de Saint-Ouen de Rouen.

Producer's note:
Unable to obtain the original tapes (held illegally by the original producer), the present disc could only be made using copies of variable quality- hence the hiss affecting the first four pieces. Not without lamenting this, we nonetheless felt that the interest of the document took precedence over this transient flaw that, for its part, the Art et Son studio endeavoured to correct as much as possible.
-Francois Carbou

Total Playing Time- 68:51
Produced in 2013 by Solstice
Lubbert Gnodde Plays the Historic Organs of the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Amsterdam
NEW! Lubert Gnodde was born in Urk, The Netherlands. He studied with Jacques van Oortmerssen at the conservatory in Amsterdam where he obtained his degrees in organ with honors. In 2000 he obtained two first prizes in the national organ competition of Leiden. In 2005 he won first prize with honors at the International Schnitger Organ Competition in Alkmaar, with an additional mention 'exceptional' for the second round. In 2007 he won first prize and audience prize in the International César Franck competition in Haarlem. He is currently the organist of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the St. Augustinus Church in Amsterdam.
De Nouveau Monde
NEW! Just added to the OHS shelves, this recording features Anton Dvořák's 9th Symphony and works by Franz Liszt. Jean-François Vaucher performs the works on Orgue Kuhn de Saint-François à Lausanne (Suisse.) The enclosed booklet provides information on the musical works performed, the organ, and the performer.

Total Playing Time: 69'12

Produced by Editions Hortus
A Land of Hope & Glory
NEW! A Land of Hope and Glory features Jean-Luc Etienne performing the works of Sir Edward Elgar on the Stahlhuth organ at St. Martin's Church Luxembourg. Originally built in 1912, with three manuals and 45 stops, the organ has since been rebuilt, now having four manuals and additional stops. The included booklet provides more information such as a stoplist, and information on Elgar and Etienne.

Total Playing Time: 71:43

Produced by Editions Hortus
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The Metzler Organ in St. Jakob Friedberg, Peter Schnur, Organ
NEW! Organist Peter Schnur plays the 44-stop Metzler Organ in St. Jakob, Friedberg. The included booklet provides an in-depth description of the organ and its sound, descriptions of the works played and registrations used, biographical information on Schnur and a stoplist.

Total Playing Time: 59:40

Produced by Chromart Classics
Austrian Organ Music
Karen Beaumont plays a varied program of organ music from the mid-16th century to mid-18th century featuring the music from three parts of Austria: Salzburg, Linz, and Vienna. Karen was the organist and choir director at St. James Episcopal Church in Milwaukee from 1988-2011. She is now the organist at the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist at St. John's on the Lake in Milwaukee.
Roberto Marini plays the Complete Organ Works of Max Reger
JS Bach: Orgeltranskriptionen
NEW! This recording provides an overview of Bach's works for organ, including those written by Bach himself to more contemporary transcriptions. Performed by Martin Schmeding, on the organ of the Town Church of Durlach, Germany, this recordig is not one to be missed!

Total Playing Time: 75'19"
Produced by Ars Produktion
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Louis Vierne Complete Organ Symphonies Vol. 1
Released in 2012 Hans-Eberhard Ross performs two of Vierne's symphonies on the Goll Organ of St. Martin, Memmingen. The included booklet discusses Louis Vierne, the works performed, thoughts of the performer, and biographical information about the performer.
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Georg Böhm: Keyboard Works
Released in 2011 Stef Tuinstra performs on the organ and harpsichord in this beautifully made recording. The three-disc set is a collection of Georg Böhm's keyboard works. The included 223 page booklet includes several color photographs of the Schnitger organ, the Hinsz organ and the Zell Harpsichord, and also includes an introduction, biographical information on Böhm, the compositions, performance practice, and biographical information on the performer.
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Altenbruch & Lüdingworth
Organist Ingo Duwensee plays works of the Late Renaissance and the Baroque periods on historic organs in the Altenbruch and Lüdingworth districts of Cuxhaven in Northern Germany.Included are stoplists, notes on the works, and history of each of the instruments.
Schumann and Brahms Organ Works
NEW! This German program, performed by organist Megumi Tokuoka, showcases the organ music of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. This recording is a testament to their achievements as composers reinterpreting the music and style of JS Bach.

Recorded on the Wilhelm Korfmacher Organ (1841)
Eglise Saint-Sebastie, Stavelot (Belgium)
Great European Organs, No. 84
Emanuele Cardi plays the organ of San Benedetto Church in Pontecagnano Faiano, Salerno, Italy. Providing an overview of the Italian Organ repertoire of the 18th and 19th centuries, Cardi plays with fine technique and sensitivity to the history of the repertoire.
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Massimo Nosetti: The New Mascioni Organ
Massimo Nosetti plays the new organ at the Parish Church of St. Giovanni the Evangelist in Alessandria, Italy.
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Domenico Severin: Historical Organs
Domenico Severin plays two historic Cavaillé-Coll organs. The program begins at the Grande Organ of St. Peter where Severin plays works by Dubois and Saint-Saëns. On the second CD the recital moves to the Conflans Chapel. It was transferred by Cavaillé-Coll's successor, Charles Mutin. In the second leg, Severin plays Capocci and Guilmant. The richness of this organ repertoire would not have been possible without the renewal of organ building, underlined by such a person as Cavaillé-Coll.
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Cochereau: 2 Improvised Symphonies in 5 Movements
Cochereau was a great symphonist, and it is well known that a symphony was often his preferred musical form for extended improvisations in concert and yet, despite the fact that his recorded legacy is huge, this particular form is singularly underrepresented on the many albums of his improvisations available previously. Up to now his discography has not included an extended work comparable in scale to a symphony by, for example, Vierne. The present album supplies that deficiency by presenting two extended symphonies from what might be considered Cochereau's greatest period at Notre-Dame.
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Vierne Complete Organ Works, Vol. 1: Six Symphonies
Pierre Labric plays the Cavaillé-Coll organ of St. Sernin, Toulouse.
In the early 1970s, Téléson, a company located in Rouen, convinced Pierre Labric to record a considerable number of repertoire works with, foremost amongst them, the symphonies of Vierne and Widor as well as the works of Demessieux--three large groups that were subsequently given up to the Musical Heritage Society, based in New York at the time. MHS released them in the form of three boxed sets that, owing to their success, soon sold out and have become impossible to find. After more than thirty years of absence, these legendary interpretations are now available again!
Soohwang Choi Organ Recital
Korean organist, Soohwang Choi, is heard in an attractive recital, given on two very different instruments. On the Rieger, she presents repertoire in a wide range of styles, beginning with Toccatas by Frescobaldi, a work by Grigny featuring uneven rhythms and ornamentation, followed by Vierne's highly chromatic Symphony No. 1: A work which uses all the resources of the instrument. On the Richard Fowkes organ, Choi gives an eloquent account of J.S. Bach's Trio Sonata No. 2 in c minor, which demands as much from the pedals as from the manuals.
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Paths: Bambauer and Schwind, Trumpet & Organ
The proverb says "All roads lead to Rome." In Trier, everyone knows the opposite to be true: All roads come from Rome. During the Roman occupation around 290 AD the Konstantin Basilika was erected as a monument showing the power of the Roman Empire. After the destruction of World War II, a new organ (II/P/30) with mechanical tracker action and electric stop action was built in 1962 by Prof. Karl Schuke, Berlin.
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Neopolitan Baroque Trio at Munich's Baroque Masterpiece
The Neopolitan Baroque organ from Biaggio di Rosa from 1777 has, after a long odyssey across Europe, found its current home in Lubeck; first in St. Peter's Church, then in time-honored Lubeck Cathedral.
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Durufle Requiem
From the OHS Vault! The vocal ensemble Les éléments (Patricia Fernandez, Mezzo-Soprano soloist), under the direction of Joël Suhubiette accompanied by Michel Bouvard on Organ.
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Il Grande Organo della Cattedrale di Messina
The organ of the Messina Cathedral beautifully lends itself to this recording in which Massimo Nosetti plays transcriptions of famous works. As the third largest organ in Europe, this organ is perfectly suited for a variety of colors heard in this wide range of works transcribed for organ.
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Die Regensburger Domorgel
Franz Josef Soiber plays the new Reiger organ in the Regensburg Cathedral. The varied repertoire showcases the adaptability of this modern organ built in a historic cathedral. Organist of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Regensburg, Soiber puts his improvisational skills to work for the final track on this recording.
Christmas carols and anthems with the Choir of Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul's accompanied by brass ensemble and organ in this glorious acoustic Cathedral.
Great Australasian Organs VII
A newish organ that sits in the main concert hall in Christchuch, New Zealand. Built by Rieger, its sounds are exciting and for a concert hall not entirely dry. Martin Setchell is well known throughout the world as a concert organist and here he plays the organ which displays the virtuosity of both him and the instrument.
Christian Brembeck at Omersheim
Christian Brembeck noticed the beautiful organ front and subsequently tried out the organ, he was visibly enthralled by the organ’s charm and tonal declaration. He played his first organ concert there a year later, revealing to the many astonished listeners the beauty of their organ.
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Stefan Kagl: The Organ in Herford
Stefan Kagl plays the Neo-Baroque conglomerate organ of Herford Minster Church suited for 20th century French and British music. This particular recording is from the Organ Summer Concert.
Romantic Organ Music from Germany, France, and Belgium
Konrad Paul plays the Ladegast organ of St. Johannis in Wernigerode.
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On the Rieger organ at The Scots' Church, Melbourne, Australia, organist Douglas Lawrence performs 300 years of French and German repertoire, including several which are based on the Song of Mary.
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North of the Yarra
Organist Gordon Atkinson expertly demonstrates seven instruments old and new in the Melbourne, Australia area. Melbourne is located just north of the Yarra River, which got its name from a misheard aboriginal phrase. This recording features several instruments built by Australian firms, including the oldest surviving organ to have been built in the state of Victoria.
Maurice Clerc: Métamorphose
Maurice Clerc plays French Transcriptions for Organ at the Saint-Bénigne Cathedral, Dijon.
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Harmonies / Orgel Modern
Martin Haselböck performs 20th century works on the 2001 Karl Schuke organ (Opus 525) at the Warsaw Philharmonic, Poland. This recording is "a useful record of some recent and important trends in organ music," says The Tracker. "Haselböck performs the music flawlessly, and obviously with great zest and appreciation." Recorded in high quality SACD format and will play in all SACD and CD players.
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August Humer Plays the Bernhard-Edskes Organ
August Humer plays the Bernhard-Edskes Organ in the Parish Church of St. Stephan in Gurten.
A British Organ: Sounds of an Empire
Jonathan Dimmock plays a rare and almost entirely intact three-manual organ built by "Father" Henry Willis and reinstalled in Örgryte New Church,Göteborg, Sweden in 1998.
Largest Organ in Korea<br>Tong-Soon Kwak Plays
Korea’s celebrated organist and teacher Tong-Soon Kwak plays Franck, Tournemire, Nibelle, Dupré, Manz, Buxtehude, and Bach on the 117-rank Rieger at the Torch Center for World Missions, Seoul.
Organs of the Barossa Valley, Volume One
John Stiller and Christopher Dearnley begin a 2-CD tour of Australia's Barossa Valley and its wealth of late nineteenth and early twentieth century organs.
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Organs of the Barossa Valley, Volume Two
Christopher Dearnley and John Stiller continue their organ tour of central southern Australia with a delightful group of late nineteenth and early twentieth century organs.
The Grenzing Organ of St. Francesc, Palma de Mallorca
Arnau Reynés I Florit introduces the Grenzing organ in the Franciscan Convent church of Palma de Mallorca, incorporating a late-gothic case and Bosch pipework.
The Rieger at Scots’: Douglas Lawrence Plays
This recording documents well the 1999 Rieger organ in The Scots’ Church in Melbourne,built behind the church’s 1874 case, moved to accommodate the new instrument.
L’Orgue Monumental
Dutch organist Peter Eilander describes his experience of the Cavaillé-Coll masterpiece at St. Sulpice as “Magnificent, colorful, and mind-blowing.” Listeners will agree!
Springs of Genius
Margaret Phillips plays the 2004 Bernard Aubertin organ of 51 stops in the Church of St. Louis-en-L’Île, Paris, inspired by the Hildebrandt in St. Wenzel’s Church, Naumburg.
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The Great Cavaillé-Coll Organ at St. Sernin, Toulouse
The organ at St. Sernin was inaugurated in 1889 by Guilmant with 54 stops on 3 manuals and pedal. It remains essentially unchanged today.
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Gabriel Dessauer: Just For Fun
A good double handful of lighthearted tunes, three manuals and 67 ranks of well-built pipe organ and a talented and adept organist who likes to joke and grin
Munich Composers
Munich Domorganist Hans Leitner plays works of composers associated with Munich from the days of Conrad Paumann in the 15th century to the present using two organs built by Jann.
Andreas Bach Buch: Benjamin Alard Visits a Family Treasure
A copybook gathered and owned by the Bach family yields a wonderful collection of music.
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The Last Schnitger Organ
Elizabeth Harrison plays the last organ built by the last organbuilding Schnitger.
Organ and Bells of Salem Minster
German Romantic organ from the turn of the 20th century and wonderful bells!
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Maurice and Marie-Madeleine Duruflé in Concert
BOTH Duruflé's play at Sallanches
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Sydney Opera House Grand Organ Inaugural Recital Series 1979
Now available on compact disc is a selection of works performed by significant Australian organists for the 1979 inauguration of the massive Ronald Sharp organ at the world-renowned Sydney Opera House. The 205 rank instrument was, at the time of the recording, the largest organ in Australia and the largest mechanical action instrument in the world.

Includes a complete stoplist, information about the instrument and the works performed, and an article from the Melbourne Age entitled Sydney's musical monster.
Carillon and Organ
At each of the more than 50 graduation ceremonies held each year at the University of Sydney, the War Memorial Carillon and the Great Hall Organ (1972 Rudolf von Beckerath) are an integral part of the festivities. University Carillonist Jill Forrest and University Organist Amy Johansen have recorded some of the works typically performed in the graduates' honor, including two works where organ and carillon are played together.

BONUS! Also included is an 8-minute mpeg video which features scenery from the university as well as a "behind the scenes" look at the organ and the carillon.

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Predigerkirche Erfurt
The Predigerkirche ("Preacher's Church") in Erfurt, Germany was built in the 13th century as a monastery for monks of the Dominican order. On this recording, the ancient building is filled with the sound of current titular organist Matthias Dreißig playing works of J.S. Bach, Pachelbel, Mendelssohn and Karg-Elert on the 1977 Schuke organ.
Die Orgeln und Glocken der Abteikirche Maria Laach
Organ and bells of Maria-Laach
Elisabeth Roloff plays the 1998 Klais Choir organ and the 1910 Stahlhut Main organ at Maria-Laach, a Benedictine Abbey on the Laach Lake in northwestern Germany. In addition to the works by J.S. Bach, Cor Kee, Boëllmann, Howells and Reger played by Roloff, enjoy a 4­­½ minute peal of the magnificent bells of the abbey.
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Romantische Orgelmusik
A proposed new peal of bells at the Cathedral of St. Nikolai in Greifswald, Germany is the inspiration for this recording by Cathedral Organist Frank Dittmer. The "Prayer and Professor Bell", a c' bell cast in they year 1440 which is audible beyond the city limits, is to be joined by six more bells at pitches e flat', a flat', b flat', c", e flat", and f". The works on this recording are based on some of these pitches. Includes an improvisation on the "Prayer and Professor Bell" as well.
Hansjürgen Scholze
A 1755 Silbermann sings again!
Hansjürgen Scholze plays the restored Gottfried Silbermann organ (originally completed in 1755) at the Cathedral in Dresden, Germany, where he has been Cathedral Organist since 1972.

Despite having its pitch changed significantly (from a= 415 or below to a=440), and modernization in the wind system, a restoration completed in 2002 allows this organ to perform as it did during Silbermann's lifetime.
Die Klais-Orgel des Dortmunder Konzerthauses
In this premiere recording of the 2002 Klais organ at the Concert Hall in Dortmund, Germany, Bernhard Buttmann honors the legacy of Gerard Bunk, former organist at the Reinoldkirche in the same city, by performing works of Bunk and his contemporaries, Marco Enrico Bossi, Sigfrid Karg-Elert, and Max Reger.
Die Orgeln des Wormser Kaiserdoms
Ancient acoustics, recent organs!
Dan Zerfaß plays the "Swallow's Nest" Organ, a 1985 Klais, and the Choir Organ, a 1996 Oberlinger (built in the style of Cavaillé-Coll) in the magnificent acoustic of St. Peter's Cathedral in Worms, where he has been organist-choirmaster since 1999.
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L'Orgue de Châteaux Salins (Moselle)
Organ and organist are both featured when Philippe Delacour takes command of the Orgue Haerpfer (1960) - Aubertin (1995) in Châteaux Salins, Moselle, France. The versatile instrument proves itself quite capable in a myriad of styles as virtuoso Delacour demonstrates on this disc.
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Toccatas - Maurice Clerc
Maurice Clerc demonstrates his prowess on the organ at the Cathédrale Saint-Bénigne in Dijon, where he has been 'organist titulaire' since 1972. Here, Clerc showcases his ability by playing four centuries of toccatas, (which are written for that purpose), including two of the most recognizable organ works ever written, by Bach and Widor.
Ronald de Jong: Oude Kerk, Zoetermeer
The 1838 N.A. Lohman & Zonen organ at the Dutch Reformed Old Church in Zoetermeer, Holland, is played by the church organist, Ronald de Jong. Using an interesting variety of music, (including some of his own compositions), de Jong ably demonstrates the capabilities of the modest two manual instrument, which had a 3-rank pedal division added in 1971.
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The Legendary Piet van Egmond
Four discs of recordings of the late Dutch organist, Piet van Egmond playing on varying instruments in Holland and elsewhere in Europe. Many of the recordings are from van Egmond's performances with the AVRO broadcasting company before World War II, and with the NCRV broadcasting company in the 1950s and 60s.
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un récital d'orgue à Pontoise
Philippe Bardon plays varying works on the Great Organ at the Cathédrale Saint Maclou in Pontoise, near Paris, France. Hear an instrument that has survived the French Revolution, a flood and two World Wars, and has been played by Balbastre, Beauverlet-Charpentier, Lefébure-Wely, Guilmant, Gigout, Boëlmann, Dupré and Litaize.
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Notre-Dame d'Afrique à Alger

A Mutin-Cavaillé-Coll in Africa!
On three separate CDs, organist Michel Colin plays at Notre Dame d'Afrique near Algiers.
Pascale Rouet, orgue - Charleville-Mézières
J.S. Bach · F. Mendelssohn
Œuvres pour orgue

Organist Pascale Rouet plays works of Bach and Mendelssohn on the 1997 Yves Kœnig organ at the Basilica Notre-Dame d'Espérance de Charleville-Mézières in Northeastern France.
This disc earned a rating of 5 from France's Diapason magazine.
Organs in Contrast
Christopher Kent plays works of Johann Pachelbel and John Bull on two instruments to demonstrate two of the organ styles that Pachelbel would have encountered in his lifetime.
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Il Grande Organo della Cattedrale di Messina
Massimo Nosetti plays works of Lang, Bach (Fox), Sibelius, Lazzaro, Franck, Whitlock, and Matthey on the massive symphonic Tamburini organ in the Cathedral of Messina, Italy.
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"L'Orgue de Concert" (Vol. 2)
Massimo Nosetti plays works of varying time periods and nationalities on the two manual 1855 Giuseppe Gandolfo organ (restored Zanin de Codroipo 1996) at the Collegiata di Sant'Ambrogio in Alassio, Italy.
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Die Ludwig-König-Orgel, Kempen
Ute Gremmel-Geuchen plays works of Corrette, Muffat, J.S. Bach and C.P.E. Bach on the reconstituted 1752 Ludwig König organ at the Paterskirche in Kempen, Germany.
Die Schiegnitz-Orgel der Annakirche zu Limburg

Markus Eichenlaub performs works of Muffat, J.S. Bach, Boëly, R. Schumann, Becker, Bossi, Merula, H. Haselböck, Holloway and Vierne on the 2005 Schiegnitz Organ at the Annakirche in Limburg, Germany. Several works feature soprano Dorothee Laux.
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The two Organs of Antwerp Cathedral
Stanislas Deriemaker plays the 1993 Metzler organ and the 1891 Schyven organ at Antwerp Cathedral. On the Schyven organ, which is more suited to music of the 19th century and later, Deriemaker plays works by Mendelssohn and Dudley Buck. On the Metzler organ, which is built in an older style, Deriemaker plays music of J.S. Bach, Jacques Boyvin, Johann-Heinrich Buttstett and Johann Pachelbel.
Carol Williams Plays! at St. Martin's Church in Dudelange, Luxembourg
Carol Williams, San Diego Municipal Organist, visits Luxembourg to play the Stahlhuth organ, built in 1912 as a 3-45 and now enlarged to four manuals and 94 ranks.
Hildebrandt Organs in the Saxony-Anhalt Triangle
Zacharias Hildebrandt organs from 1728 in Pösfeld and Sangerhausen and 1730 in Sotterhausen are ably demonstrated by Marina Pohl.
Six Manuals at Mainz Cathedral
Difficult acoustic? Deal with the problem by placing 113 stops in three locations. Albert Schönberger plays at Mainz Cathedral.
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A Pentecost Concert from Würzburg
Würzburg Cathedral Organist Stefan Schmidt performs works for the Feast of Pentecost
Imperial March -- English, French, & German Romantics
Marcus Eichenlaub plays the 2001 Göckel 3-51 organ built in Romantic style at St. Bonifatius Church in Wirges (near Koblenz).Click the headline for repertoire and to order.
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Wright in Naumburg
William Wright, organ teacher at the University of Toronto and director of music at Deer Park United Church there, plays a program from all periods on the only organ known to have been played by J. S. Bach, approved by him, and possibly designed by him, and as built by Zacharias Hildebrandt in 1746 at St. Wenzel Church in Naumburg, Germany. The wide range of repertoire demonstrates some of the colorful effects on this organ, including a celeste, and the recording is very effective in capturing the sumptuous reverberation of St. Wenzel Church. Click the headline for titles and to order.
Essen Cathedral -- 2004 Rieger 4-69
The new 4m Rieger organ of 69 stops built in the sumptuous acoustics of Essen Cathedral is played by Jürgen Kursawa, organist of the Cathedral. Click the headline for works by Bach, Vierne, Reger, and Guillou, and to order.
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Concert Showstoppers in Holland
Stephanuskerk in Hasselt and Grote Kerk in Dordrecht, magnificent buildings with environments most enhancing to organ sound and exciting organ playing. Click the headline for works by Grison, Festing, Rheinberger, Dubois, Guilmant, Bach, and an improvisation by Mulder.
International Marches in DVD Audio and Conventional CD
This special release includes two discs for the price of one: one conventional CD and the same program on a second disc produced in DVD-Audio. Roland Muhr plays the restored organ at the former Cistercian monastery church in Fürstenfeld near Munich. Finished in 1736, the organ of 27 stops comprising 43 ranks on two manuals and 18-note pedal was restored by the Sandtner firm and fills the huge and resonant Bavarian abbey church with its original sounds as so amply demonstrated with this happy program of marches by Guilmant, Boellmann, Smart, Purcell, Nowowiejski, Grieg, Fumagalli, Gherardeschi, Hartmann, Mendelssohn, Handel, Balbastre, and Lasceux, many transcribed by Muhr. Click the headline for the marches and to order.
Feike Asma, Beloved Dutch Organist -- Retrospective
Passionate Dutch Organist Feike Asma (1912-1984) polarized the Dutch organ scene in the latter half of the 20th century, having developed a passionate and expressive style that made him a frequent recitalist who brought large audiences and many people to the organ. Writes organist Herman van Vliet, “His interpretations of the great organ repertoire were monuments in sound. . . He possessed a natural understanding of tension and its release, for timing, rubato, style of playing and touch, and for colorful and dynamic registrations.” The Festivo label presents several retrospective CDs of Feike Asma, both live concerts and recording sessions, playing famous Dutch organs. Click the headline for descriptions of each CD.
Time Span
Amazingly musical Bengt Tribukait plays the new "Schnitger" organ created by Go-Art and the 1871 Willis organ at Ögryte Church in Göteborg, Sweden. Two new works are by young Russian-born composers as well as works by Liszt, Wm. Byrd, and Bach Click picture for repertoire
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152 Ranks in Gdansk, Poland
at Oliwa Cathedral, where the organ was begun in 1763 and has been periodically enlarged to its current 152 ranks. It occupies a large and spectacular Rococo case. Roman Perucki’s program pleases, and introduces two recent works. Click the headline for titles and to order.
1765 Cabinet Organ
In the Kashubian Ethnographic Park
Roman Perucki plays the 5-rank organ built by Gottfried Weinert of Gdansk. It and the church which contains it were moved in 1987 to an historical park. Click the headline for titles and to order.
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Lausanne Cathedral Fisk: 5m, 124 ranks, 3 ranks at 32'!
The first American-built organ in a European cathedral was completed by the C. B. Fisk firm in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2003. This first CD features Jean-Christophe Geiser playing works in four styles: German Baroque, French Classic, German Romantic, and French. LÜBECK: Praeludium in d DUMAGE: Suite du 1er ton LISZT: Évocation à la Chapelle Sixtine DURUFLÉ: Suite, op. 5
Spiritual Movement No. 1
Barbara Dennerlein: Jazz Pipe Organ
Jazz organist Barbara Dennerlein records her first CD on a pipe organ in great acoustics. This CD has been the subject of much discussion for its quality of music making and sound. The recent organ was built by the Goll firm of Switzerland for St. Martin Church in Memmingen, Germany. Click the headline for titles and to order.
Åkerman & Lund
the venerable Swedish organbuilder, created a 2-21 in French style for the music school occupying the villa Stora Sköndal in Stockholm. Mikael Wahlin plays interesting works superbly. Click the headline for titles and to order.
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Great European Organs No. 69
Stefan Engels plays the Seifert Organ of St. Matthias, Berlin - Schöneberg
Stefan Engels, professor of organ at Westminster Choir College and organist at First Presbyterian in West Chester, Pennsylvania, plays the 1958 Romanus Seifert organ at St. Matthia in Berlin. With 74 stops and rich acoustics in the church, it is well known and a popular choice for radio broadcasts and recordings.
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Sauer in Romania
Dutch virtuoso Christine Kamp explores more Romantic repertoire on the 4-m Sauer (1914-15) in Sibiu, Romania. Click the headline for works by Bartmuss, Karg-Elert (Bach transcriptions), Merkel, and Liszt.
Great European Organs No. 63
Nicolas Kynaston plays the Klais Organ of Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall
Nicholas Kynaston performs German works from Bach to Karg-Elert on the four manual Klais Organ at the Athens Concert Hall, the largest organ in Greece.
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Wine & Water: Schwarz organ at 100
Wine & Water plays with the old Cistercian monastery’s location near the Lake of Constance and its past as a wine producer. The unusual theme suggests an interesting repertoire for the 1900-1901 Schwarz organ in the former monastery. Michael Eckerle is the organist. The score of Hans Uwe Hielscher’s California Wine Suite is available in the sheet music department. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
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St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney: The Létourneau Organ
Peter Kneeshaw records the first CD on the organ built in 1999 by the Canadian firm Orgues Létourneau of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada in a transept gallery in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, as seen on the cover of The American Organist. The 46-stop, 59-rank organ is one of four in the church. Click the headline for repertoire by Rutter, Bach, Widor, Holland, Jongen, Balbastre, Thalben-Ball, Pachelbel, Buxtehude, Tregaskis, Whitlock and Fletcher, and to order.
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Great Australasian Organs IV
The Walker Organ of Adelaide Town Hall
Australia’s oldest Town Hall houses a 4-84 J. W. Walker & Sons instrument from England, the largest mechanical action organ built in the United Kingdom in 100 years, says the CD booklet. Calvin Bowman, a resident of Australia and Yale University Fulbright scholar, performs.
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1869 Friese Organ, Another German Romantic Masterpiece in Schwerin
At St. Paul’s in Schwerin, Germany, the city’s fine organbuilder Friedrich Friese built this restored 2-35 in 1869 with several Romantic features, influenced by the huge Ladegast organ in the nearby Dom. Click on picture for repertoire by Hertel, Mendelssohn, Bach, Messiaen, Kiel, Franck, and Dubois.
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Symphonic Organ Music, Vol. 2
Hans-Ola Ericsson plays works in symphonic style by Respighi, Gounod, Bellini, Smetana, and Elgar on an 87 rank organ built in 1998 by Gerald Woehl. Click picture for repertoire
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Stephen Tharp: Debut in Europe
In November, 2001, Tharp concertized and recorded his first European CD at the Parish Church of St. John at the Latin Gate in Troisdorf-Sieglar, Germany, on the recent 4m Seifert organ of 55 ranks in Romantic style. He plays Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Dubois, Franck, and Widor. Click picture for repertoire
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Choplin at St. Suplice, IV
In this fourth CD recorded at St-Suplice in Paris where she is second organist, Sophie Véronique Choplin improvises and plays works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Boely, Rheinberger, Duruflé, and Daniel Roth.
Compact Disc FECD6941-732
Choplin at Saint-Sulpice III
Sophie-Véronique Choplin plays at St. Sulpice: Messiaen, Mendelssohn, Rheinberger, Grunewald; and she improvises La Creation.
Great European Organs No. 61
Roger Judd plays the Organs of St. Laurenskerk, Rotterdam
St. Laurens Church in Rotterdam, was completed in 1525, and only the walls and tower remained after a German air raid in 1940. The church was rebuilt 1947-1968. Three new organs were built by the Danish firm Marcussen & Søn, under Sybrand and Jürgen Zachariassen. Roger Judd of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, who is an active musician and teacher in Great Britain, plays an eclectic program, from Sweelinck to Hurford with lots in between.
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Music in Honor of Mary: Michael Gailit Plays
Music in honor of St. Mary provides a context for a program of music from the Baroque and Romantic periods on the eclectic 1987 Sandtner organ in the church of St. Hedwig in Bayreuth, played by internationally known Michael Gailit. Click picture for repertoire
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Great Australasian Organs I
The Hill Organ of Sydney Town Hall
Jane Watts plays the famous 1890 Hill 5m organ of 127 stops, including an almost unique full-length 64’ (well, the Atlantic City Convention Hall organ has two of them but the organ is barely playable through no fault of its own), in works by George Thalben-Ball, W. T. Best, and Marcel Dupré.
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Great Australasian Organs II
The Klais Organ of The Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane
Jane Watts performs on the 4 manual, 122 rank instrument.

"From the first few bars, you can tell why Jane Watts’ performances have gathered such superlatives,” raves Gramophone Magazine.
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Famous Bells of Europe
tour is especially concentrated on important and typical chimes from the individual countries. Special emphasis has been given to European bells and chimes with deep and beautiful peals. Recorded here are the bells of St. Peter’s in Rome, St. Paul’s in London, St. Odien’s in Dublin, the mighty bells of the Pantheleimon Monastery on Mt. Athos, the Sigismund bell at the Wavel in Krakow, the Emmanuel of Notre-Dame in Paris, and the bells of Magdeburg Cathedral in Germany. Spoken commentary is in German.
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Bamboo Organ CD & Movie in 2-CD Set
Quick-Time Movie Included! on the second CD in this 2-CD set for the price of one CD! The world's only organ with pipes made of bamboo can be seen and heard: on a conventional CD, the fine Australian organist Douglas Lawrence nicely plays Zipoli, Pachelbel, Galuppi, Bach, Couperin, and Handel (with orchestra in the last). Place the second CD of "extras" in your PC or Mac computer and view an 8-minute movie of the organ with stereo sound! Click for more information
Thème & Variations
Jean-Paul Imbert plays the 1885 Cavaillé-Coll 3-70 at St. Etienne in Caen. In sets of variations by Lemare, Bossi, Lefebure-Wely, Reger, Guilmant, and Flor Peeters. Click on headline for repertoire and to order.
Demessieux Retrospective
"These are phenomenal performances by an extraordinary organist whose technique and musicality knew no bounds . . ." The American Organist, July, 1999.
3 Cavaillé-Colls
Compact Disc CD-11431
Goulburn’s Grand Hill Organ
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Schoenberg & Ives in Helsinki
Priory PRCD-638
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Silbermann at Dresden, Johannes Ricken Plays
The last great Silbermann, dedicated in 1755 at the Dresden Cathedral, is played by Johannes Ricken. Works by Bach, Scarlatti, Haydn, Lindberg, May, Lefébure-Wély, Mendelssohn
Compact Disc CD-11911
Abendmusik at Freiberg Cathedral
Dietrich Wagler plays the 1714 Silbermann 3m at the Cathedral in Freiberg. Works by Dandrieu, Buxtehude, Bach, Mendelssohn
Compact Disc CD-11721
Romantic Rarities from Holland

Herman van Vliet presents a program of beautiful and interesting rarities played in live acoustics on the 1845 C. F. A. Naber organ Amersfoort, Holland.
Kooiman plays works by J. S. Bach and his school
Ewald Kooiman plays at the restored organ of the Bovenkerk in Kampen, The Netherlands
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Trumpet and Organ
Marek Stefanski plays the organ at St. Mary’s Church, Kracow, Poland, with trumpeter Marek Skwarezynski
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Homage à Gottfried Silbermann
The organ in Dresden's Cathedral was finished by Zacharias Hildebrandt after Gottfried Silbermann’s death, played by Mozart, and most recently restored by the firms of Wegschneider and Jehmlich.
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la saveur des dissonances
Nearly undisturbed, the French classic Boillot organ in Ville de Saint Jean de Losne, is used on this recording to perform, very well, a broad range of repertoire.
Organ Collection: Signum Classics Anniversary Series
Varied repertoire played by well-known organists on important instruments. Click the link for a detailed list of repertoire!
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Orgel-Feuerwerk, Volume 3