Wagner, Chopin, Liszt Transcribed

Wagner, Chopin, Liszt Transcribed
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WAGNER: Pilgrim’s Chorus, Tannhäuser
CHOPIN: Preludes in E Major and E Minor, Op. 28/9&4
LISZT: Orpheus; Consolations in E and D-flat; Ad nos

Wagner, Chopin, Liszt Transcribed Philippe Delacour plays Liszt’s transcriptions of Wagner, Chopin, and Liszt's own Orpheus as well as three of Liszt’s works for organ on the newly-restored 1910 Klais, returned to its original German-Romantic design by Aubertin for a church in Nilvange located in the Moselle district of France. “Stunning results . . . a magical experience . . .” writes Peter Palmer in Organists’ Review of February 1999.