When in our Music God is Glorified

When in our Music God is Glorified
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Steven Egler plays the Casavant Frères Organ, Opus 3756 at Central Michigan University.

Track Listing:

A Festive Intrada
Variations on Engelberg
I. 2nds and 4ths
II. Mirror, Mirror
III. Pentatonic/Chromatic
IV. 5ths and 7ths
V. Modale
VI. 3rd and 6ths
VII. Con Pedale
VIII. Organo Pleno
Three Chorale Preludes
Now Thank We All Our God
Comfort, Comfort You My People
Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word
Toccata in C Major
Symphony V in F Minor, Opus 42
Allegro vivace
Allegro cantabile
Andantino quasi allegretto
Toccata: Allegro