William Russell Complete Organ Voluntaries

William Russell Complete Organ Voluntaries
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Product Description

Released in 2008 This 3-disc set contains the Complete Organ Voluntaries of William Russell. John Kitchen performed them July 22-25, 2008 on the Organ of St. James's Church in Bemondsey, London. William Russell gave extremely precise performance instructions, which Kitchen follows accurately. The St. James organ, built in 1829 by James Bishop and restored in 2001 by Martin Goetze and Dominic Gwynn, is a perfect instrument for the performance of Russell's works.

Track Listing
Twelve Voluntaries (1804)
Voluntary VII in E flat
Voluntary I in C
Voluntary II in F
Voluntary IX in A minor
Voluntary IV in D
Voluntary X in G minor
Voluntary III in G
Voluntary XI in E minor
Voluntary V in D minor
Voluntary VI in F
Voluntary VIII in B flat
Voluntary XII in C minor/major

Twelve Voluntaries (1812)
Voluntary IX in B flat
Voluntary II in C
Voluntary I in E minor
Voluntary X in G
Voluntary III in D
Voluntary IV in A minor
Voluntary V in F
Voluntary XI in D minor/major
Voluntary VII in A
Voluntary VIII in B minor
Voluntary VI in E flat
Voluntary XII in C
Voluntary in G (unpublished)

Total Playing Time (3 CDs) [3:06:42]

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