Wine & Water: Schwarz organ at 100

Wine & Water: Schwarz organ at 100
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Wine & Water plays with the old Cistercian monastery’s location near the Lake of Constance and its past as a wine producer. The unusual theme suggests an interesting repertoire for the 1900-1901 Schwarz organ in the former monastery. Michael Eckerle is the organist. The score of Hans Uwe Hielscher’s California Wine Suite is available in the sheet music department.

HIELSCHER: California Wine Suite Op. 40

HANDEL: Hornpipe from Water Music

BACH: An Wasserflüssen Babylon BWV 653b & 572

VIERNE: Sur le Rhin

BONNET: Les Elfes op. 7/11

KARG-ELERT: Die Seele des Sees
Schilfbewachsene Wasser
op. 96

MACDOWELL: A Sea Song op. 55/5
Melody to a Water-Lily op. 51/6

COMMETTE: Sur le lac

ECKERLE: Hommage à Karl Joseph Riepp (Improv.)