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World's Largest Church Organ in Los Angeles


BRIGGS IMPROV: Prelude, Adagio and Chorale Variations on "Ein Feste Burg" WALTON: Coronation March “Orb & Sceptre” FAURÉ ARR. V. FOX: Nocturne from "Shylock" VIERNE: Carillon de Westminster REUBKE: Sonata on the 94th Psalm The World’s Largest Church Organ at First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, may vie for this title with the U. S. Military Academy at West Point (20,142 pipes in 325 ranks), Passau Cathedral (17,774 pipes) and St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Hanover, Pennsylvania (14,341 pipes), and would probably win with slightly more than 20,000 pipes in 346 ranks. Because so many new ranks are added in an ongoing program of organ rebuilding, this church leads the organ reform movement in the U. S. — at least as it is understood in Los Angeles! In the chancel is the rebuilt 1931 Skinner op. 856 (originally 4-55 ranks); in the gallery is the rebuilt 1969 Schlicker (originally 4-142 ranks), both enlarged to 337 ranks total by Meunch of Los Angeles in 1994 with two 5m consoles contracted to the M. P. Möller Co. and completed by the Hagerstown Organ Co. following the failure of Möller. Then, Robert David added more ranks in 1995, bringing the total to 346 ranks, and at least 30 more are planned which, when installed, will bring the pipe count to more than 22,000. David Briggs, director of music at Gloucester Cathedral in England, plays magnificently in the fabulous acoustics of this large, neo-Gothic building. The 19 divisions of the organ include Chancel & Transepts: Chancel Great, Chancel Italian, Chancel Swell, Chancel Solo, Epistle (South Transept Gallery), Chancel Choir, Musician’s Gallery, Gospel Organ, Gospel String, Chancel Pedal, Gospel Pedal, Gallery: Gallery Great, Gallery Rueck-Positive, Gallery Swell, Gallery Ethereal, Gallery Pedal, Gallery Brustwerk, Gallery Echo, Gallery Echo Pedal.

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