Wolfgang Seifen Improvises, Live Concert

Wolfgang Seifen Improvises, Live Concert
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The enormously talented Wolfgang Seifen improvises in a live concert on a large 3m organ (1990 G÷ckel) in the splendid acoustic of the Holy Ghost Church in Mannheim, Germany. Seifen, born in 1956, is professor of improvisation and liturgical organ playing at the University of Art, Berlin. Two CD Set.

Suite franšaise (in French Baroque style)
Phantasie und Fuge in Romantic Style on Aus tiefer Not & Salve Regina
Tryptique symphonique en style libre Chorale Preludes on O Mensch, bewein (in Baroque style) and O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
Improvs on Te Deum and Victimae paschali